Recreation Ground

Prior to 1926, Charles Paxton Markham purchased the land (now known as the recreation ground) off a local farmer and donated it to the parish council for the benefit of the village of Holymoorside.

Parish councillors cultivated the land from that point and in 1947 Harold Shemwell paid for a football pitch to be constructed. This required drainage pipes being laid and the ground levelling out and the mounds around the edge of the ground are the excess soil from this.

Since then regular football teams have played on the recreation ground and the council are pleased that, in recent years, many junior teams have benefitted from the facilities provided.

In recent years benches and picnic tables have been provided, bulbs planted and annual tree works are carried out.

The parish council is responsible for the maintenance of the recreation ground and welcomes organised events, with prior consultation with the council, on to the ground.